Réseau des associations CONTACT de France ayant pour but le dialogue entre les homosexuels (gays et lesbiennes), les bisexuels, leurs parents, familles et amis, et la luttre contre l'homophobie.

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CONTACT is a federation of departmental associations that have for goal to help families and their friends understand and accept the sexual relation of their relatives ; help lesbians, gays and bisexuals - especially the youngest of them – to communicate with their parents or close relatives, with helping them to assume their sexual orientation ; fight against discriminations, especially those of which homosexuals and bisexuals are victims.
According to that, these associations are composed of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and parents or relatives of homosexuals and bisexuals.

For reaching its goals, CONTACT suggests the following activities:

- A listening phone line, held by formed volunteers that can listen to you without judgment. This listening line is confidential and let you talk about subjects that concern you and that you may not speak about with others.

Individual receptions, realized by formed volunteers that won't judge you. These receptions are especially appreciated by people that don't want to come to a speaking group – that may count between 10 and 20 people.

- Speaking groups, open for everyone, they let each one enrich sharing his experience with the others, without judgment, without making it less important and without emphasizing the complexity of the situations of the participants.

Friendly outings, usually let people leave their isolation and express themselves in a context that may be less restrictive to them than the one in the speaking groups.

- Academic interventions, they are done in secondary or high schools following the ministerial directives. They are realized by volunteers especially formed to it. CONTACT has also got the national agreements "Youth and Popular Education" and "National Education".

- A discussion forum on the internet, in French, where secrecy is guarantee and where you can express yourself freely or read the experiences of other people that may have lived similar things to you.

- Brochures:


- Our child is homosexual, edited by CONTACT from 1999. It is intended to parents who question themselves about the affective and sexual orientation of their child, and for homosexual's or bisexual's relatives too.
- Gay, then what? Edited by CONTACT from 2001. It is intended to homosexuals and bisexuals, or people who question themselves about their affective and sexual orientation – especially the youngest of them.
- Homophobia and Education, prevention of risk comportments in the adolescence, edited by CONTACT Haute-Garonne from 2008. It is intended to experts working in contact with young people.




There are other associations that work in the same domain as CONTACT in many countries of the world. Here are some of them:

BEFAH - Bundesverband des Eltern von Homosexuellen Kindern : www.befah.de (Germany)
PFALyG - Padres, Familiares, Amigos de Lesbianas y Gays : www.familiaresdegays.org (Argentina)
TelQuels Parents : www.telsquels.de (Belgium)
PFLAG Canada - Parents Families : www.pflagcanada.ca (Canada)
AMPGIL - Associacio de Mares, Pares i Familiars de Gais i Lesbianes : www.ampgil.org (Spain)
PFLAG Etats-Unis - Parents, Families, & Friends of Lesbians and Gays: www.pflag.org (United States)
TEHILA: www.tehila.org.il (Israel)
AGEDO - Associazione di GEnitori, parenti e amici Di Omosessuali: www.agedo.org (Italia)
FFLAG - Families, & Friends of Lesbians and Gays: www.fflag.org.uk (United Kingdom)
FELS - Freundinnen, Freunde und Eltern von Lesben und Schwulen : www.fels-eltern.ch (German switwerland)
GPEH - Groupement de parents d'homosexuel-le-s : www.gpeh.org (Switzerland Geneva)
Hetera - partnerinnen schwuler männer und partner lesbischer frauen - compagnes et compagnons de personnes homosexuelles : www.hetera.ch (Switzerland)

If you want to create an association similar to CONTACT in your country, or if you just want to know more about CONTACT, please send us a message here.